Registered Applicant Guidelines

The applicant have to undertake the medical tests and vaccinations voluntarily at a medical center (“Hospital / clinic / pathology lab / diagnostic center”) selected by Khadamat Integrated Solutions Private Limited (“Khadamat”) for medical screening, in order to ascertain his/her medical fitness and eligibility for visa purposes for [travelling/staying/working] in Kuwait (“Purpose”).

The Registered Applicant will be informed that his/her blood will be tested in order to detect inter-alia whether or not he/she have antibodies and/or antigens in his/her blood to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV (which is the probable causative agent of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome -AIDS), and Hepatitis B and C and the tests are performed by withdrawing blood and using a substance to test the blood.

The test results are for screening purposes and not a substitute for evaluation, advice, treatment, or diagnosis by a physician.

The test results, including results of viral test like HIV, Hepatitis B and C will be sent by the Hospital/clinic/pathology lab/diagnostic center to KHADAMAT office for evaluating the medical fitness for the Purpose.

The test results and any other information provided to KHADAMAT will be kept confidential.

The concerned Applicant will have to give express written consent to KHADAMAT to retain the test results for as long as required by it and to disclose and/or transfer it to a third party, as may be required, for any purpose.

In case of any disputes or complaint to be made, the same shall be done within a time frame of 5 (five) working days from date of issuing the certificate.

Refunds Policy
(Please follow the following instructions in order for us to process your REFUND in a seamless manner.)

The fees paid to “Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd.” is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE after the applicant registered and medical tests are taken at the designated medical center.

In case of applicant completing the registration at “Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd.” and not going to the assigned medical center for Medical test, then full refund will be processed, except for applicable tax

In case of UNFIT results, Full Refund will be processed to the applicant only.

The Refund form or application is to be submitted by the Applicant with all the supporting documents attached, to initiate the Refund process. REFUND will be issued directly to the Bank Account of the Applicant or by account payee Cheque in favor of the Applicant name.

In case of multiple payments for the same applicant, the claims for refund will be dealt by the branch officer. Please feel free to call us for any queries - 022 666 00 666 or write to us on - info.kispl@psc.com.kw


Applicant agrees to waive any and all claims he/she may have now and in future against KHADAMAT and clinics/diagnostic center’s /labs, and he/she release KHADAMAT from all liability arising out of any deficiency of service, or personal injury, death, loss or damage caused to me or any person related to me, because of any reason whatsoever, including without limitation, conducting the test, evaluation and/or use of the test results for the purpose.

Applicant agree to waive any and all claims he/she may have now and in future against KHADAMAT, Public Services Company Kuwait (PSC) from all liability or loss arising out of any subsequent test or action undertaken in Kuwait by any institution or officials or government , semi government bodies.


The Applicant agree to handover the original Kuwait visa document to KHADAMAT to allow them to proceed with the medical examination process, KHADAMAT will retain the Original Visa document that in case he/she do not get the “FIT” medical result from the Hospital/clinic/pathology lab/diagnostic center and handover that original visa document to the Kuwaiti Consulate along with the test results.